Best Practice and ISO EN 14001

  • As firm environmentalists, we are committed to achieving environmental best practice where-ever possible and are aiming towards the principles of ISO EN 14001
  • Our policy includes the following
    • Efficient use of natural resources including the purchase of timber products from managed sources and the use of steel products which include a significant proportion of recycled metal
    • Efficient use of energy including the minimization of power usage by switching off unnecessary lights and electrical equipment, and the optimisation of heating controls and timers
    • Prevention of unnecessary pollution including the use of environmentally friendly lubricants of scaffolding fitting and the safe storage of fuel oils to prevent contamination of the local water courses.
    • Reduction of environmental impact during site works including adherence to any site specific restrictions.
    • In addition to the above, the Directors will liaise with clients to develop our policy in relation to current best practice